Discovering the Inner Child

I See You I Hear You

At the heart of every adult is a child — a being full of wonder, play, and innate wisdom. Over time, layers of conditioning, societal expectations, and painful experiences often obscure this core essence.


At the heart of every adult is a child — a being full of wonder, play, and innate wisdom. Over time, layers of conditioning, societal expectations, and painful experiences often obscure this core essence. The ‘I See You. I Hear You.: Discovering the Inner Child’ retreat is designed to peel back these layers, offering participants an opportunity to reconnect with, heal, and embrace this vital part of themselves. By integrating contemplative practice and inner child work, participants can embark on a journey of spiritual growth, healing, and renewal.


As we grow and evolve, we build layers around our true selves to adapt, survive, and fit into societal molds. While these adaptations can be necessary, they often lead to a disconnect from our true essence, particularly our inner child. Ignoring or suppressing this essential part of ourselves risks losing touch with our innate uniqueness, creativity, joy, intuition, and authenticity.

Reconnecting with our inner child is not merely an act of nostalgia. It’s a profound journey of self-discovery and healing. This retreat will provide a safe, nurturing environment to explore and embrace this often-forgotten aspect of our psyche. Through guided sessions, individual reflections, group activities, and therapeutic exercises, participants will journey into their inner realms, awakening their inner child’s joys, sorrows, hopes, and dreams.

  • Seeing and Hearing Childhood Wounds: Engaging with one’s inner child provides an opportunity to confront, understand, and heal wounds from the past that may still impact adult life. Unresolved childhood traumas can manifest as anxieties, phobias, insecurities, or harmful patterns in adulthood, no matter how big or small.

  • Unfolding Emotional Expression: Children are open vessels of emotion, expressing their feelings without filters. Many adults, due to various societal constraints, lose this candidness. We can relearn the art of authentic emotional expression by reconnecting with our inner child.

  • You are allowed to play: Unrestricted by rules or judgments, the inner child represents the purest form of creativity. Tapping into this reservoir can inspire renewed passion and the expression of one’s true self.

  • Holding space of Love: Sharing the journey of discovering one’s inner child in a retreat fosters vulnerability and openness, strengthening bonds within the Christian community.
Who Is This Retreat For
  • Anyone Feeling Disconnected: Individuals who feel disconnected from themselves or their emotions and seek a deeper inner connection.

  • Seekers of Spiritual Growth: Individuals aiming to deepen their faith and enhance their relationship with God.

  • Those Struggling with Past Hurts: Individuals who feel weighed down by past traumas or wounds and are seeking healing through Christ’s love and teachings.

  • Parents and Caregivers: Those looking to understand and nurture the children’s spiritual growth in their care and better communicate with and connect with them.

  • Counselors and Therapists: Professionals aiming to integrate Christian teachings with therapeutic approaches to holistic healing.

  • Individuals in Life Transitions: Those navigating significant changes or decisions in life and seeking spiritual guidance and clarity.

  • Communities: Congregations or groups looking to foster deeper connections among members and strengthen their collective faith.

Those Interested Must

  • Click the Sign Up button to launch the form and fill it up. If you have attended a retreat with us before, please send us an email of intent so we can enlist you and guide you through confirming your participation.
  • Undergo an interview through phone call or video call. The schedule of the interview will be set upon submission of the application form.

Please submit your application on or before 
May 18, 2024.


May 25-26, 2024, Saturday-Sunday


Online: ZOOM
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  • Pay P1,500 per day via bank deposit, online transfer, or PayPal.
  • This payment is refundable until May 18, 2024, seven (7) days prior to the event.
  • The payment details will be sent to you upon acceptance after your interview.

For any inquiries, please contact or
0917 188 6883.


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