Silent Retreats

Leave behind all the clutters and noise of your busy life as you begin your inner journey. Let God take the lead in your retreat. Let Him awake your senses and open your heart so you can feel fully alive.

Silent Retreat Testimonial


By: Aileen Mae Ferrer

My heart was pounding, beating so hard;
Wondering when the noises will last
The world around me was a blur
Spinning, turning out of control.

Everything felt like a mess
Walking aimless, alone, nowhere to go
Searching for that light inside
A ray of sunshine, a sliver of hope.

And then there was this voice
Coming from within my heart
Calling for me and reaching out
Telling me that I am enough.

I stopped to heed that call
Let love flow through me once more
Voices and echoes replaced by silence
The peace that I’ve been longing for.

As I go onward with my journey
My head held high with You beside me
Letting the roots to grow deeper, stronger
With You as my anchor at my core.

Nandito lang ako

By: Jo Quizan