Loneliness is one of the deepest, most universal, and most profound experiences that we have

The Restless Heart

In this book Ron Rolheiser attempts to understand what really causes our restless heart to become lonely and cut off.

According to Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat

“Loneliness is one of the deepest, most universal, and most profound experiences that we have,” writes Ronald Rolheiser, a specialist in the fields of spirituality and systematic theology. He is the author of The Holy Longing and The Shattered Lantern. In a new edition of his earliest work, Rolheiser deals with that malaise that “results when we are separated from others in such a way that we feel excluded, rejected, or involuntarily cut off.” This state is quite different from aloneness or solitude. He examines five types of loneliness: alienation, restlessness, fantasy, rootlessness, and psychological depression. Pondering the Hebrew scriptures , the New Testament, and the views of Christian theologians, Rolheiser comes up with some positive things to say about the potential value of loneliness.

Ron Rolheiser attempts to understand what really causes our restless heart to become lonely and cut off. We chose This book for our book retreat because there are more than we know people in this world who are suffering from a restless heart and they would like to come to terms with it. Ron Rolheiser has done such a good job resolving that in this book. It gives us truth and insights how we acquired these restless hearts of ours and how we can tame it and direct it to what it was made for.

In this 5 week course we tackle sometimes 1 chapter and sometimes 2 chapters. By spiritually reading the chapter we would develop self awareness of the stirring in our hearts

  • To help people become more self aware regarding their inner journey

  • To understand what loneliness means and where it can take you either towards God and become an opportunity for growth or away from God and cause us more pain. We examine the levels of pain involved in loneliness. How it affects everyone from all status- rich poor, middle class, and all age levels. The acquisition of Wealth does not necessarily remove loneliness.

  • Understanding our environment and mental health issues that arise from loneliness, and may cause us to become depressed. The book looks into the dynamics of depression.

  • The book makes us realize how our environment, including social media, fashion in movies, advertising, affects our emotions and state of emotional health. How to deal with this.

  • The book talks about the effects of a perennial transitioning society to our personal beings, causing people to lose their handles and become isolated and lonely.

  • It brings to our acceptance that Loneliness is a result of an unmet need, and how are we going to resolve and be able to meet that need.

  • We through the book try to understand where this branch of our basic need to belong affects us, and how we cope in trying to meet this need.

  • The book engages the old testament and the stories of the Hebrews with their struggles giving us the impression that not only are we experiencing a universal situation but also one that is an age old reality of life.

  • The book looks at New Testament Loneliness and points us to Christ.

  • Intention of Christ life here on earth and how Christ is the solution to our loneliness.

  • The Role of the gospel and our role on earth as pilgrims: A quote from the book:

  • “But what can ever quench our loneliness? ”Our loneliness will be fully satisfied by our coming together in a radical union with God and others, where we will not be swallowed up but have a personal identity “

This is for someone who is aware of what they are going through but cannot connect it with their Christian walk nor with the mystery of our humanity. This person is being prepared by God to enter into doing the interior work. The self confrontation(Wilkie Au) and the Divine Therapy (Fr Tom Keating) To become more silent and to start pondering things in their heart. The restless heart is searching for something deeper.

To have a restless heart is a grace and mercy from God to propel one to search for love, healing and connection, like the woman with the blood condition and to not seize trying until he/she finds the one true love they are looking for. This for those who have received the grace and mercy to search for love, healing and connection, and if we will be honest all of us could with deeper love connections that causes us to continuously be healed.


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