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On the Third Day Renewal and Formation Center (OTTD) is a non-profit, ecumenical ministry dedicated to spiritual accompaniment for those who want to seek God and desire to respond to His call .

On the Third Day (OTTD) adheres to empowering disadvantaged individuals and communities by providing them with the necessary resources and support, to stand up and be equipped to face the rigors of life

With a firm belief in the power “a holding space”, we have been moved by the Spirit to accompany those who desire to discover and respond to their calling. Our ministry empowers people to be more aware of themselves and of God, embrace the realities of life, and journey with an authentic community for spiritual transformation.


Lita Quimson-Feliciano

Founder & Executive Director
Fully alive and wild at heart, Lita has been designing programs for retreats and courses since the ministry started nine years ago. She prepares sacred landscapes that inspired her to become a contemplative activist who focuses on caring for the planet. Lita practices radical creativity through mosaicing and creating artscapes around the eco-spirituality center she founded. Lita is an experienced spiritual director trained in various local and international institutions. She holds a master’s degree in ministry major in spiritual formation, and certificates in spiritual direction and formation.

Jac Gatbalite

Program Coordinator

Jac has been called to be a Companion. As co-founder of The Reading Companion she designs and does intervention for children with learning difficulties. Also, she was a College Guidance Counselor and a Lecturer at La Consolacion College, Manila, for 8 years.

Jac has been trained in retreat-giving and spiritual direction at the Center for Ignatian Spirituality and Kardia Formation, Australia. She is an Ignatian Spiritual Director and a Giver of the Full Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius. 

Having a second lease of life after surviving a Pulmonary Embolism, she is now committed to accompanying other people in their spiritual journey and is managing the programs of OTTD.

Joey Galvez

Certified Enneagram Teacher

First and only Filipino certified Enneagram teacher of the Enneagram Institute.

He trained under Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson, two of the leading figures in the study and development of Enneagram

Completed and Certified: The Year-Long Enneagram Certification Program in Conscious
Living with Russ Hudson and Jessica Dibb last August 31, 2022

Completed the Seven month-long Enneagram Teacher Certification Training on Bringing Conscious Self-Awareness to the Transmission of Wisdom with Russ Hudson, Jessica Dibb & Gayle Scott last August 21, 2023

Ministry Areas

OTTD focuses on the Three Pillars of our ministry:


The inspired writings in the Bible guides our lives as true followers of Christ. The gospel stories, wisdom from the prophets, and the lives of Biblical characters enlighten our minds and hearts, speak to our unique experiences, give us joy and consolation, and draw us closer to Him who is Word incarnate. The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola and all our retreats and recollections all involve the reading of the sacred Scriptures.


Everything that surrounds us is a reflection of God. Through His creation we are able to feel God’s presence and experience His boundless love. Creation includes nature and all life forms in it, the natural forces at work, and the beautiful landscapes and sceneries that all speak of God’s greatness. The Eco-Spirituality & Retreat Center where we hold our retreats is our sacred space where one can connect to God. The silence and solitude in a beautiful place all contribute to enriched prayer life and greater self and God awareness which ignite one’s creativity. Creativity, in all its forms, is a big part of being fully alive.


Our psychospiritual approach allows for a more holistic view of the human person. Through the help of psychology, we can have a deeper understanding of human behavior and its physiological and sociological influences. As we talk about faith and movement of the spirit in each person, we also take into account some important considerations such as developmental stages, consciousness and unconsciousness, personality types, and coping and defense mechanisms.

Community Development

OTTD aims to create self-reliant communities by addressing critical infrastructure needs, such as clean water, sanitation, and housing. The organization also invests in community-led projects that promote social cohesion and cultural enrichment.

How Your Donations Help- Through formation we ease the burden of mental health help providers.

Your generous donations enable OTTD to:

  • Fund essential programs and retreats that have a tangible and lasting impact on individuals and communities.
  • Provide resources and support to individuals seeking their designated route in life. As they walk out their route, they help others to achieve their wholeness. As a result we provide practices that promote transformation and renewal.
  • Provide and Build partnerships with local organizations and leaders to ensure the long-term sustainability of projects and initiatives.


By donating to On the Third Day Renewal and Formation Center, you are not only supporting the growth and development of disadvantaged individuals and communities, but also empowering them to create a brighter future for themselves and their families and their environment. Every amount donated goes directly towards making a real difference in the lives of those in need.

Join OTTD in our mission:

  • To help seekers develop greater God-awareness and self-awareness so they stand upright in their call and trueself
  • To assist the seekers in the process of discernment to learn to make good choices in life.
  • To continuously accompany followers on their journey towards wholeness, where authentic transformation and conversion can take place.