Zest Programs 2023


March 25-26, 2023
Exploring one’s genealogy is the basis of knowing and understanding one’s uniqueness. Participants are made more aware of their familial history and genetics to discover some patterns and tendencies.
April 29-May 3, 2023
This 5-day retreat is designed to help people meet God through and in creation, thus understanding their responsibility towards the earth. It aims to ignite and discover their unique creative potential, and to practice expressions of creativity.
June 17-18, 2023
Embracing the Second Half of Life is a weekend online retreat created for those who sense major physical, psychological, and spiritual changes happening or about to happen in their lives as they reach a certain age or maturity.
October 28. 2023
Chastity is a key aspect of one’s journey towards integration. It is about saying ‘yes’ to God’s plan for our relationships, our bodies, and our identity. Chastity is about “setting love in order”. (Cf. St. Ignatius).
August 19-20. 2023
Participants are accompanied as they develop a discerning heart so they may become more sensitive to the movements within and discover God’s intimate involvement in their lives.
May 27-28, 2023
“Each of us carries our inner child of the past into the daily activities of adulthood. The effects and events of our early years often influence how we live our lives, relationships, and adulthood responsibilities.
April 6-9
Be in solidarity with Jesus on the road to his crucifixion and death. From Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday, spend time in our Art Park at Cherimoya Eco-Spirituality and Retreat Center, and pray solemnly with the mosaic installations of the Stations of the Cross.