Our Programs

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Our courses are an extended period of organized study in line with the spirit of formation. Our
objective is to equip the participant, in the psychospiritual approach to embrace the spiritual
disciplines, in the attempt to deepen their walk with God.

Our Retreats are based on the Ignatian method of recollection. It incorporates silence, with a
rhythm of prayer, art expressions as form of expressing what is happening in us in prayer. It
also include accompaniment with a spiritual director who helps deepen what is already
happening in the prayer time of the retreatant.

What do you call spiritual practices that do not fit in with courses and retreats, to
me it was obvious- retreats plus of course. During pandemic we were required to meet the
needs of our participants. They wanted to do the retreats on line, they wanted to keep
listening to the teaching, they wanted to reflect while in their daily life and keep chewing over
the material, so we came up with the self paced retreats in order to meet the needs of those
who wants formation at their own pace.