Spiritual Formation Program

Our Spiritual Formation (SF) programs are designed to help individuals know themselves and God more, find and follow their calling, and live their lives to the fullest.

The SF has two levels. SF Level One focuses on greater self-awareness and God-awareness. SF Level Two highlights a deeper and more grounded spirituality crucial to living out one’s calling. Each level includes monthly preached retreats, monthly spiritual direction, spiritual readings, and continuous contemplative practices at work and at home.

The Four Elements of Spiritual Formation

Our spiritual formation programs has four elements that are all inspired by the story of Martha and Mary in Luke 10:38-42. They sat at Jesus’ feet listening to His words for learning and renewal.
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Jesus, the Rabboni, encourages us to choose the more important thing—to sit at the foot of the Lord and listen to his words. The spiritual formation involves a series of spiritual teachings prayerfully crafted to inspire renewal of the heart and the mind. The teachings are designed to offer golden nuggets on which the formands can ponder.

The teachings are given at the start of every gathering. Each teaching explores a particular topic building on the previous one.

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A prayerful silence allows the Spirit to work in us. Jesus showed us the importance of solitude and going to a quiet place to pray. Whether it is in a physical space like a prayer room or a quiet corner in our hearts, we are invited to take time praying and reflecting on God’s messages for us.

Reflection questions are posed after every teaching to guide the formands during their quiet time. This practice is also encouraged as they read the required books and other articles.

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A community of friends and disciples always went with Jesus in his ministry. Together they sat, ate, and shared stories. The spiritual formation creates a community of pilgrims united by a common desire to discover and respond to God’s call. The community builds a safe space through small groups where everyone feels welcome and their sacred stories are held with utmost care.

Small groups meet after reflection time to share the fruits of their prayers and how they sense the Spirit is moving in their lives. Some formands continue to meet even outside the formal small group sessions.


The spiritual journey is best taken with a companion who can help us be more attuned to God’s presence and notice how the Spirit is moving in our lives. Spiritual directors accompany us in our walk, assist in relishing our God experiences, and guide us in our discernment.

Each formand is matched to a spiritual director with whom they journey until the end of the program year. They meet once a month either online or in person.

The SF Programs

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Wild Awakening

Spiritual Formation Level One

WILD AWAKENING is designed to make each participant aware of his or her giftedness, areas for improvement, tendencies, and potentials through retracing genealogies, understanding one’s personality, knowing one’s true self and false self, and healing childhood wounds that affect one’s quality of life. Further, the program explores and challenges one’s worldview and image of God as he or she faces the realities of life towards genuine spiritual transformation.

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Firesoul Rising

Spiritual Formation Level Two

FIRESOUL RISING is intended for those who are ready to go deeper in their spiritual walk. The program aims to help each participant explore various spiritualities thereby challenging and strengthening one’s beliefs. Moreover, each participant is able to have a deeper appreciation of the history of the church and is guided in the process of discernment and non-dualistic thinking.