Part 1: Teacher Certificate Training

APR Galvez Training Consultancy Services is proud to invite you, and/or your representative to join the first ever Enneagram Teacher Certification Training Program in the Philippines.

This is the only teacher certification training in the Philippines that offers the Levels of Development which is the original discovery and contribution of Don Richard Riso, one of the founders of the Enneagram Institute.

This program combines cognitive learning with interactive methods i.e., group learning activities, music, pop culture, and presence practices.

Objective of the Certification Training Program

This training program has a two-pronged objective:

  1. to equip the participants with a depth of knowledge on the Enneagram not only derived from books, but as well as live experiences of the types through learning exercises and the panel interviews; and
  2. to equip participants in bringing conscious self-awareness in their teaching of the Enneagram.

Who is this for?

This is for people who are serious about learning the Enneagram with depth for their own personal growth and for those who would like to teach the Enneagram. No prior Enneagram training required. My teaching has a distinct psycho-spiritual approach to the Enneagram which is beneficial not only in the context of formation or religious life, but also in our striving for personal integration and wholeness. This will not only enable participants to have an in-depth knowledge and appreciation of the Enneagram system and its dynamics, but be able to teach the Enneagram to others.

Workshop Methods and Tools

I believe the Enneagram is best discovered individually through self-awareness and introspection, rather than providing participants with an Enneagram personality test, where participants answer a series of questions to discover their personality types.

Instead, I use interactive methods such as meditation, music, video clips and exercises of discovery and insight at my Enneagram workshops. Before every session, I also provide participants with readings and exercises to complete. Their responses serve as a reference as we go through the discussions in class. This way, they are simultaneously able to identify the type or types with which they can most relate, and ultimately discover the personality type that fits them the most.

Rather than focusing on identifying their number types, I believe it is more important for students to focus on the process of discovery openly and honestly. This will lead them to a better understanding of themselves, more than anything I am able to provide them. The journey is theirs to discover. I am merely there to guide them and provide them with the tools to make that discovery meaningful.

The Teacher Certification Training will consist of four modules and a certification track.

Part I Training: A 6-day training that focuses in-depth on the following:

  1. The history and transmission of the Enneagram
  2. Hornevian Triads (How do we get what we want?)
  3. Three Centers of Intelligence (How do we know and decide?)Object Relations & 3 Affects (How did our personality types come about?)
  4. The Nine Personality Types
  5. Panel interview for each on the nine types (face to face/online)
  6. Wings

Part II Training: A 5-day training that focuses on the Levels of Development, Direction of Disintegration, Direction of Integration, and the Missing Piece/Level 1 and beyond;

Part III Training: A 5-day training that focuses on various topics:

  1. Harmonic Triads (How do we cope with disappointment?)
  2. Imbalances of the Centers
  3. Instinctual Variants (Self-preservation, Sexual, Social)
  4. Passions and Virtues
  5. Fixations and Holy Ideas

Inner Critic Workshop: A 3-day training that focuses on psychic structure of each type. This will also include a session on how to teach the Enneagram.

After all four parts of the Training Program have been completed, students register for the Certification Track. The requirements of the certification track will be given after Part I training and upon signifying intent to certify.

As the only one in the Philippines certified to provide the Levels of Development component in an Enneagram workshop, I guide participants to identify automatic patterns of behavior, including how they get into difficulties in all aspects of their lives. The Levels of Development allow them to understand other types that serve as “wings” to their own personalities. It also explores the Directions of Integration and Disintegration in which they may find themselves at different points in time. More importantly, this critical session provides them the tools towards developing into healthier versions of themselves, which is more valuable than merely identifying who they are.

Interested participants must be:

  • Submit a filled out pre-retreat survey form which you may access online. Click submit (for online form) or send via email to
  • Pay the PHP 50,000 fee via bank deposit, online transfer, or PayPal. The payment details will be sent to you upon receipt of your filled out pre-retreat survey form.
  • Part I Training will be on October 16 to 21, 2023. This will be a 6-day training workshop (face-to-face) 

Sacred Heart Retreat House & Seminar Center in Novaliches, Quezon City. 


Early bird rate is PhP45,000.00 and payable on or before September 15, 2023.

Regular fee is for Part I Training is PHP 50,000.00.

  • Full refund if cancellation is at least seven (7) days before the event, October 9, 2023.
  • 50% refund if cancellation is at least five (5) days before the event, October 11, 2023.
  • Fees are non-refundable if cancellation is made within three (3) days before the event, October 13, 2023.

For any inquiries, please contact or
0920 961 4281