Enneagram and Conflict

To be human is to be in a relationship. Relationships entail expectations. When expectations are not met we have conflict. How do we react to frustrations and disappointments or when we do not get what we want?

Enneagram and Accompaniment

The Enneagram System offers an incisive and intimate look into our inner landscape—what we see, feel, and how we behave. Each type has its own set of preoccupations, motivations and behaviors.

Stations of the Cross at the Park Join us as we walk through the beautiful mosaics made to remind us of the last hours of Jesus. This is a free entry to the park. Park opens at 5:00pm and closes at 8:00pm, March 29, 2024, Friday. Please let us know if you are coming for the the availability of the parking spaces. …

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God’s Unconditional Love

The topic will bring us back to our original ways of learning about God from our parents, our schools, our churches, anyone or anything that might’ve been an influence to us on how we got to know our God.

I See You I Hear You

At the heart of every adult is a child — a being full of wonder, play, and innate wisdom.

The Soul of a Pilgrim

In order to bring the pilgrim into a deeper place of knowing God this particular book has proven to be effective in accompanying the pilgrim in ways that would bring greater self awareness and God awareness.

Speaking the Unspeakable

In the hushed corridors of our minds, some stories remain untold. Memories that have been pushed away, emotions that have been stifled, and pain that continues to linger.

Dare to be You

Many people navigate life without truly knowing themselves. Why is self-awareness so essential? Many individuals reach mid-life without understanding their genuine self.


According to the dictionary, illumine means to brighten spiritually or intellectually. This course attempts to facilitate the movement from unconscious to conscious.