Whispers of the Divine

We are called to be Contemplatives in Action, which means taking time to pause and sit with the Lord to understand our true calling and gain the strength to respond.

God In All Things

Join us in, “GOD IN ALL THINGS,” where we explore the spiritual practice of visio divina—praying with our eyes and the world around us.

The Restless Heart

In this book Ron Rolheiser attempts to understand what really causes our restless heart to become lonely and cut off.

Presencing: A Deep Listening

We will all need to discern at some point. To discern, we need first to become present to ourselves and others. It will require deep listening.

Enneagram and Conflict

On the Third Day (OTTD) Renewal and Formation Center is an ecumenical ministry that seeks to accompany people in their journey to psycho-spiritual wholeness.

Enneagram and Accompaniment

The Enneagram System offers an incisive and intimate look into our inner landscape—what we see, feel, and how we behave. Each type has its own set of preoccupations, motivations and behaviors.

Stations of the Cross at the Park Join us as we walk through the beautiful mosaics made to remind us of the last hours of Jesus. This is a free entry to the park. Park opens at 5:00pm and closes at 8:00pm, March 29, 2024, Friday. Please let us know if you are coming for the the availability of the parking spaces. …

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God’s Unconditional Love

The topic will bring us back to our original ways of learning about God from our parents, our schools, our churches, anyone or anything that might’ve been an influence to us on how we got to know our God.