Get Your Life Together

Its not an easy task.
Born anxious
No sense of who we are
No solid sense of security
No sure conviction that we are loved
That we are wanted
Or we are loveable
We gather affirmations as we go along
We find love in different places
Some one tells us we are safe in their company
We feel held and safe- I can rest
Slowly my life unfolds
I put together the experiences of being loved
And worthy
Those who love me allow me to chose what I like and don’t
They don’t judge me
They stay with me
Point me in a direction
Help me see me
Are patient with me
Respect me
Give me space to grow
Allow me to be me in my choices,
Bless me in my uniqueness
Slowly because of this Love
I awaken, I get my life together
Its true you exist, I am your beloved
You tell me who I am
It doesn’t happen immediately
I sense Im unfolding, it’s been a journey
It takes a lifetime : my new wine is now in new wine skin
Im getting my life together