As We Age

We lose our beauty
We become wiser
We humble ourself
We lose our memory
We wake up to certain realities
I accept my inability to contribute
I enjoy what I can
I accept my struggles with technology
We have less patience
We learn to say no to certain things
I try to live life more fully
I feel and know I am accomplished
We commit to work on our stuff, we take our walk with God seriously
Were grateful for our health
I accept my ageing process
We lose our strength we mellow
We lose our energy
We begin to learn to love ourselves
Our priorities change
Were more forgiving
We appreciate the things we have
We savor life
We have less expectations
We put on weight
We slow down
Switch to prioritizing relationships
We let go of control
We wait for God
We shed the excess baggage we travel lighter
We deal with our mortality and realise
We have a last chance at life
We gather ourself and ask for grace to overcome
And get our act together for our last chance, we don’t want to miss it
And neither does God