Spiritual Formation Program

Our Spiritual Formation (SF) programs are designed to help individuals know themselves and God more, find and follow their calling, and live their lives to the fullest.

The SF has two levels. SF Level One focuses on greater self-awareness and God-awareness. SF Level Two highlights a deeper and more grounded spirituality crucial to living out one’s calling. Each level includes monthly preached retreats, monthly spiritual direction, spiritual readings, and continuous contemplative practices at work and at home.

The Four Elements of Spiritual Formation

Our spiritual formation programs has four elements that are all inspired by the story of Martha and Mary in Luke 10:38-42.
They sat at Jesus’ feet listening to His words for learning and renewal.


Jesus, the Rabboni, encourages us to choose the more important thing—to sit at the foot of the Lord and listen to his words. The spiritual formation involves a series of spiritual teachings prayerfully crafted to inspire renewal of the heart and the mind. The teachings are designed to offer golden nuggets on which the formands can ponder.

The teachings are given at the start of every gathering. Each teaching explores a particular topic building on the previous one.


A community of friends and disciples always went with Jesus in his ministry. Together they sat, ate, and shared stories. The spiritual formation creates a community of pilgrims united by a common desire to discover and respond to God’s call. The community builds a safe space through small groups where everyone feels welcome and their sacred stories are held with utmost care.

Small groups meet after reflection time to share the fruits of their prayers and how they sense the Spirit is moving in their lives. Some formands continue to meet even outside the formal small group sessions.


A prayerful silence allows the Spirit to work in us. Jesus showed us the importance of solitude and going to a quiet place to pray. Whether it is in a physical space like a prayer room or a quiet corner in our hearts, we are invited to take time praying and reflecting on God’s messages for us.

Reflection questions are posed after every teaching to guide the formands during their quiet time. This practice is also encouraged as they read the required books and other articles.


The spiritual journey is best taken with a companion who can help us be more attuned to God’s presence and notice how the Spirit is moving in our lives. Spiritual directors accompany us in our walk, assist in relishing our God experiences, and guide us in our discernment.

Each formand is matched to a spiritual director with whom they journey until the end of the program year. They meet once a month either online or in person.


Discover 2020

DISCOVER is designed to make each participant aware of his or her giftedness, areas for improvement, tendencies, and potentials through retracing genealogies, understanding one’s personality, knowing one’s true self and false self, and healing childhood wounds that affect one’s quality of life. Further, the program explores and challenges one’s worldview and image of God as he or she faces the realities of life towards genuine spiritual transformation.

Prayer Workshop: The Art of Being
January 25, Saturday


Awareness, Spiritual Formation, and Spiritual Direction
March 1, Sunday

We look into the meaning of formation and its origins and at the benefits of spiritual direction on someone who is serious in his/her journey with God. We teach people to become open to see, hear, feel, and know how God is moving in their lives by becoming more aware of their surroundings, feeling their feelings, appreciating nature, and generally slowing down to be able to see God in all things.


Genealogy: Who am I?
March 29, Sunday

Knowing one’s genealogy is the basis of knowing and understanding oneself. Participants are made more aware of their familial history and genetics to discover some patterns and tendencies. Specifically, they do some research within their own families to see various vocations or careers, talents, and abilities, as well as dysfunctions, unhealthy attachments, and the like. The participants take all these as they begin the journey of knowing themselves better so they may be able to respond to God’s calling.


True Self and False Self
May 10, Sunday

God calls every person to become his/her true self, that which He says a person should be. However, the interplay of both nature and nurture results in a false self that is not consistent with what God has intended. This module explores how every participant can receive God’s grace to become his/her true self.


Discovering The Inner Child Retreat (2-Day Retreat)
May 30-31, Saturday-Sunday

“Each of us carries our inner child of the past into the daily activities of adulthood. The effects and events of our early years often influence how we live our lives, relationships, and adulthood responsibilities. Through prayer, active imagination, experience, teachings and small group discussions, this workshop will offer ways to begin to change attitudes and dispositions that have been shaped by childhood experiences. Opportunities will be given to discover one’s inner child of the past, learn how this child influences adult life and at times take over.” – Fr. William Jarema, Healing the Childhood Wounds


Images of God
June 28, Sunday

The objective of the teaching is to see how our circumstances have influenced our perspective of God. Through the teaching, we would become aware of how we relate with Him. We will accompany the participants to learn and unlearn how we look at God and have a healthier way of relating with Him.


Spirituality vs Reality
August 2, Sunday

Many of us get caught up in spiritual jargons, spiritualizing everything and hiding behind our churches in order to avoid reality. Truth be told, God is in our reality. He is in our pain and in our struggles. He is everywhere. We help the participants find out what their reality is because that is where their true spirituality will be exercised.


Transformation and Conversion
September 6, Sunday

We examine how we all uniquely experience God and how we become transformed by our experiences of Him. Transformation is not about managing our tempers, angers, or fears. It is about receiving the grace that transforms us. Transformations are the stepping stones to conversion which leads from transformation to conversion.


The Ignatian Silent Retreat
October 10-12, Saturday-Monday

This 3-day Ignatian Silent Retreat is an introduction to the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola. This is an invitation to reflect on the ways in which God is moving at the center and horizon of one’s life and to discern the ongoing unfolding of one’s calling. 



RESPOND is intended for those who are ready to go deeper in their spiritual walk. The program aims to help each participant explore various spiritualities thereby challenging and strengthening one’s beliefs. Moreover, each participant is able to have a deeper appreciation of the history of the church and is guided in the process of discernment and non-dualistic thinking.


Introduction to Christian Spirituality and The Journey to Freedom

The spiritual journey is an ongoing journey towards freedom. This module explores the two-fold reality with regards to freedom from attachment and freedom for love. Our aim is to launch the participants into the journey of freely responding to their calling.


Discernment and Indifference

Participants are accompanied as they develop a discerning heart so they may become more sensitive to the movements within and discover God’s intimate involvement in their lives. This is also an opportunity for them to know their unhealthy attachments so they may partner with grace and be formed towards integration and freedom. 


Chastity: God’s Desire For All Of Us

Chastity is a key aspect of one’s journey towards integration. It is about saying ‘yes’ to God’s plan for our relationships, our bodies, and our identity. Chastity is about “setting love in order”. (Cf. St. Ignatius)


Unity in Diversity

In the spiritual Journey, we discover the spaciousness of God and discover that everything belongs. In this module, participants are invited to examine their biases and prejudices, theological and/or personal, that prevents them from embracing the greater unity in diversity that God offers.


Creation Spirituality Retreat

We help people meet God through and in creation, thus understanding their responsibility towards nature. We desire them to discover and ignite their creative potential so that they may practice expression of creativity in all aspects of life.


Introduction to Search History

Participants are invited to rediscover the richness of our Christian heritage. Christianity is not just a practice or inward experience, but a way of life that responds to the signs of the times and the changing seasons without losing its essence.


Celtic Spirituality

Celtic Christians have a unique contribution to Christian Spirituality. This session will enable participants to understand the origin of Celtic spirituality and how this ancient form of spirituality resonates with each one’s journey. They are invited to enter through the whole of creation and created realities.


The Ignatian Silent Retreat

This 5-day Ignatian Silent Retreat is an introduction to the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola. This is an invitation to reflect on the ways in which God is moving at the center and horizon of one’s life and to discern the ongoing unfolding of one’s calling. 

Our Programs

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Spiritual Formation

Our Spiritual Formation (SF) programs are designed to help individuals know themselves and God more, find and follow their calling, and live their lives to the fullest.

Zest Program

This program has a collection of preached retreats exploring various relevant and practical topics. It is offered to those who cannot commit to the eight-month spiritual formation program but has the desire to deepen their walk with God.

Retreat in the Real World

Retreat in the Real World (RRW) is an 8-week journey adopted from the Ignatian Adventure by Kevin O’Brien, SJ and the more known Retreat in Daily Life (RDL), an annotation of the Spiritual Exercises (SpEx) of St. Ignatius of Loyola.

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