Soul Circle

What is Soul Circle?

The Soul Circle is a bimonthly spiritual conversation with an online community who consider themselves as pilgrims on a journey. It is designed to provide a safe space for people to share their God experiences and listen to other people’s sacred stories. Each meeting is a unique opportunity to see God’s presence and how He is moving in one’s life.

How is it different from your other programs?

The Soul Circle is a special standalone online coming together of pilgrims on the journey that is not part of the existing Spiritual Formation and Zest Programs. There are no teachings involved like in the modules we conduct.

Who is it for?

The Soul Care is open to

  • Those who have undergone spiritual formation and want to maintain a contemplative lifestyle with the help of a community.
  • Individuals who have just started the journey to spiritual growth
  • Anyone who desires to have some pockets of silence along the journey in the safe company of an online community.

How to Join This Program


How do I join?

  1. Send an email to with the following details:
    • Signify your interest in participating in Soul Circle
    • Indicate the date when you intend to join. Soul Circle sessions are held every first and second Wednesday of every month, unless otherwise indicted in invitations
    • Suggest a date and time when it will be good for us to call you for a brief phone interview
    • Leave your active mobile number and other contact details
  2. The assigned material/s for reflection will be sent at least a week before the Soul Circle session.
  3. Make sure you have zoom in your laptop or cellphone. Download it at


What preparations do I have to make?

  1. The most important preparation for a Soul Circle session is prayer. Please set aside time to pray and reflect on the materials assigned for specific session.
  2. It is best to write down your sharing so you can maximize the time that will be given to you.
  3. Be prepared to be hospitable to your self and others by sharing your stories generously and listening attentively to other people’s stories.


At the moment, participation in Soul Circle sessions are free of charge.

For more information, please reach us at: or 0977 017 0024


How does a Soul Circle session go?

Each Soul Circle session generally goes through the following process:

07:45 pm

Signing in and Kumustahan


Introductions and Opening Prayer


Small Groups

maximum of 4 participants and 1 facilitator

Spiritual Conversations (SC)

  • Orientation/Rules of orientation: 5 mins
  • Round 1 of sharing: 40 mins (10 mins per participant)
  • Share your reflections and fruits of your prayer in relation to the topic at hand or the material/s for reflection provided.
  • How has God been accompanying me?
  • How do I sense God is moving in my life?
  • Do I sense any invitation from God?
  • Round 2 of sharing: 20 mins (5 mins per participant)
  • Notice how God is speaking to you through the stories you have heard.
  • Share how others’ sharing resonated with your experience or your current situation.
  • What particular story spoke to me?
  • How is it relevant to my life right now?
  • Do I sense any invitation from God?
  • Closing: 5 mins


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Closing Prayer



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