About us

"Through nature I have been refreshed, healed, and restored. I commit to taking care of nature so others and the generations to come can enjoy the same."

Lita Quimson-Felciano

Founder, Cherimoya Farm
Eco-Spirituality & Retreat Center

Cherimoya Farm Eco-Spirituality & Retreat Center is a sacred space. It is a haven for those who yearn for rest, silence, and communion with God through nature.

A Venue for Solitude

The Eco-Spirituality Farm is designed to provide its guests a quiet sanctuary away from the noise and the busyness of everyday life. Indulge in the silence and cool breeze in the farm. Surround yourself with peace and overwhelming gifts from nature as you enjoy your most needed intimate time with God.

A Space for Spirituality

Nurture your spiritual life through prayer and reflection in the farm. Reach in the depths of your mind, heart, and soul where God dwells and enliven your spirit for the great journey ahead.

A Place for Creativity

Unleash your creativity. Draw inspiration from your peaceful surroundings and the fruits of your reflection. Get on with your next book, poem, composition, painting sculpture, and other creative works. Increase your team’s productivity through strategic planning, trainings, and team building.

The Eco-Spirituality Farm adheres to the principles of Creation Spirituality.