From Mess to Message: The Spirituality of Imperfection

March 28, 2019 — Saturday

From Mess to Message: The Spirituality of Imperfection is a whole day recollection designed for those who desire to live a life imitating Christ while having difficulty coming to terms with their brokenness and imperfections. This recollection is for those who feel they need to always strive for perfection or make a flawless performance whether at work at home.

Jesus dining with the ‘sinners’ has brought inspiration and consolation to a lot of people around the world. His message was that of unconditional love for and acceptance of each individual in spite of his brokenness and sinful nature.

The participants will be guided as they contemplate on their brokenness and how the love of God embraces them and calls them to be His laborers in His vineyard. By God’s grace, the participants will be able to embrace the process of unfolding in their lives and see the message amid the mess through God’s eyes.


Those Interested Must

  • Click the Sign Up button to launch the form and fill it up. If you have attended a retreat with us before, please send us an email of intent so we can enlist you and guide you through confirming your participation.
  • Undergo an interview through phone call or video call. The schedule of the interview will be set upon submission of the application form.


Registration: March 28, Saturday, 8:45 am
End: March 28, Sunday, 5:00 pm


This retreat will be conducted completely online through Zoom.

Participants must download the Zoom app in their computers or mobile phones:


  • Pay 500 via bank deposit, online transfer, or PayPal. This payment is refundable until seven (7) days prior to the event. The payment details will be sent to you upon acceptance after your interview.


For any inquiries, please contact or

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