Befriending Life’s Tensions

April 4, 2020 — Saturday

Befriending Life’s Tensions is a whole day recollection designed for those who are more ready to enter and try to understand the mystery of God amid the many tensions in life. The intended audience are those with higher self-awareness and want to deepen their views on non-dualism as a challenging and liberating way of proceeding in life.

Many people find themselves in the middle of opposing forces—contradicting ideals, conflicting values, and seemingly impossible choices to make. S ome tensions are internal while others are ministerial and even theological. The participants will be invited to reflect on their tendencies to rush into providing instant solutions or resort to established “truths” to immediately get out of the uncomfortable situations.

This retreat offers some insights to guide the participants as they try to hold and even befriend those tensions as they happen. They will be encouraged to sit on the tensions and be more sensitive to how God is accompanying them in this space.


Those Interested Must

  • Click the Sign Up button to launch the form and fill it up. If you have attended a retreat with us before, please send us an email of intent so we can enlist you and guide you through confirming your participation.
  • Undergo an interview through phone call or video call. The schedule of the interview will be set upon submission of the application form.


Please submit your application on or before March 29, 2020.


Registration: April 4, 8:30 am


The Cherimoya Eco-Spirituality and Retreat Center
located in Sitio Enriquez, Brgy. Bunggo, Calamba, Laguna (Waze/Google Maps: Cherimoya Farm)


  • Pay P1,000 via bank deposit, online transfer, or PayPal. This payment is refundable until seven (7) days prior to the event. The payment details will be sent to you upon acceptance after your interview.
  • Full payment upon registration


For any inquiries, please contact or

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