Reflections on Expressions of Self as Designed by God

IDENTITY AND EXPRESSIONS of who you are 2 sides of a coin.  One cannot be without the other. Expressions of self whether it be disordered or ordered is still the sacred self that God made. What encompasses the self  is the persons journey. We are all on a journey, the disordered self is part of the journey. It’s the part that we get lost but cannot be ignored or dismissed because in doing so the whole journey will be incomplete. 

The expression of the beautiful self only becomes more beautiful when one has observed the not so beautiful self and is able to make a comparison of the difference, the change, the transformation and ultimately the hand of God. If it were all beautiful the beauty would be less appreciated then if there was a contrast from ugly to beautiful.  In essence therefor the ugly is essential in highlighting the beautiful. The total journey and ways in which it can be expressed. 

When I look at God and His design the words “my ways are not your ways come to mind”- and because I am so attracted to His ways I am drawn to get to know more about Him.  I find Him so interesting, so attractive, so luring. He is never boring. 

Understanding expressions has helped me understand diversity, has helped me set people free to express themselves in their own unique way, has helped me appreciate uniqueness. In understanding how God has designed us to express ourselves in different ways, it has set me free from expectations of others, so much so that in allowing other to be themselves, express themselves, it appears that it will be difficult to have conflict with other s because we have freed others to become themselves, good or bad. 

Understanding Expression gives way to journey, it gives way to sidetracking and getting back on route. Understanding expressions gives way to understanding and eventually loving because

Love is patient, – you understand that people have their own paths and you release them of your expectations.

Love is kind. – you can give them space – as much as they want because you know that it will be God who will touch them, not you.

It does not envy, i- you know that your journey has its own enviable circumstances.

 Does not boast, – whats there to boast about its just a journey like everyone elses.

It is not proud.- yours expression is just different not better.

It does not dishonor others, – it understands that your express is uniquely yours.

It is not self-seeking, – all I seek is to know my best self expression given to me by my creator, and have fun doing it.

It is not easily angered,- when you no longer have expectation you no longer need to be angry.

It keeps no record of wrongs.- it’s a journey- youre expected to take a wrong turning.

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.- always cheering those who are back on the path.

It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.- Encouraging everyone to get back on the path where the journey is lighter and less strenuous.

About The Author

Fully alive and wild at heart, Lita has been designing programs for retreats and courses since the ministry started eight years ago. She prepares sacred landscapes and is a believer and encourager of connecting with God through the surroundings. Lita also uses expressive arts in various forms to encourage her retreatants to know God and themselves more deeply. Lita is an experienced spiritual director trained in various local and international institutions. She holds a master’s degree in ministry major in spiritual formation and certificates in spiritual direction and formation.

Lita is the Founder and Executive Director of the ecumenical ministry for spiritual formation, On the Third Day Renewal and Formation Center, and a farm for silence and solitude, Cherimoya Eco-Spirituality and Retreat Center, both in Calamba, Laguna.

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