Alive 2020

This program has a collection of preached retreats exploring various relevant and practical topics. It is offered to those who cannot commit to the eight-month spiritual formation program but has the desire to deepen their walk with God

Zest: Unstoppable Force: Grace

August 10, Saturday

A one-day recollection, teaching, and reflecting on God’s grace and how it works in our lives. The participants are led to a deeper understanding of how we dispense grace to others as a result of our overflowing experience…

Zest: Anger: Recovery & Integration

September 14-15, Saturday-Sunday

Do you find yourself snapping at others? Do you suffer from rage or uncontrolled anger? Is anger getting you in trouble? We try to trace the roots of your anger and understanding it. We teach you how to steward your anger…

Zest: Braving the Transitions in Life (Healing the Eight Stages of Life)

November 16-17, Saturday-Sunday

This retreat acknowledges the different models of life transitions. This two-day retreat explores the cycle of renewal each one goes through in the course of one’s life. Each cycle is precipitated by a crisis leading to transformative change…

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