Wild Awakening

WILD AWAKENING is designed to empower the participants to become aware of their giftedness and potentials and to look at areas for improvement and disordered tendencies. By tracing their genealogies, understanding their personality, knowing their true self and false self, and healing their childhood wounds, they become empowered to become fully alive. Further, the program explores and challenges the participants’ worldview and image of God as they face the realities of life towards genuine spiritual freedom and transformation.

We do formation because God wants us to let go of our enslavement so that we can worship him: “Let my people go so that they may worship me.” – Exodus 4:23

Wild Awakening 2022 Schedule

Prayer Workshop: The Art of Being

Jan 22, Saturday


Awareness, Spiritual Formation, and Spiritual Direction

February 27, Sunday

We look into the design of the spiritual formation program, its origins and purposes. We embody the ancient tradition of accompaniment through the practice of spiritual direction. We empower the participants to engage their senses — the doorways through which God connects with us.



Genealogy: Who am I?

March 26-27, Saturday-Sunday

Exploring one’s genealogy is the basis of knowing and understanding oneself. Participants are made more aware of their familial history and genetics to discover some patterns and tendencies. Specifically, they do some research within their own families to see various vocations or careers, talents, and abilities, as well as dysfunctions, unhealthy attachments, and the like.

The participants take all these as they begin the journey of knowing themselves better: A. Early childhood development which influences present behavior as adults; B. Multiple Intelligences (MI) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) with the focus on how God’s gifts and their uniqueness can empower them in responding to their calling; C. Spiritual Intelligence (SI) as a way of evaluating and cultivating their spiritual practices in order to reach a deeper level of faith; D. Discovering the God-given personality through the Enneagram, an age-old system that describes nine distinct personality types—patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting—by which people see life. Our basic type reveals the psychological mechanism we unknowingly use to forget our true nature—our Divine Essence.


True Self and False Self

April 24, Sunday

God calls every person to become his/her true self. However, the interplay of both nature and nurture results in a false self that is not consistent with what God has intended due to the fall of man. This module hopes to empower the participants in their journey to wholeness.


Discovering The Inner Child Retreat (2-Day Retreat)

May 28-29, Saturday-Sunday

“Each of us carries our inner child of the past into the daily activities of adulthood. The effects and events of our early years often influence how we live our lives, relationships, and adulthood responsibilities. Through prayer, active imagination, experience, teachings and small group discussions, this workshop will offer ways to begin to change attitudes and dispositions that have been shaped by childhood experiences. Opportunities will be given to discover one’s inner child of the past, learn how this child influences adult life and at times take over.” – Fr. William Jarema, Healing the Childhood Wounds This retreat engages the imagination and uses creative expression as a form of healing.


Images of God

June 26, Sunday

This module explores how external circumstances influence one’s perspective of God. Through the teachings, the participants will be accompanied and empowered to learn and unlearn some images of God and find a healthier way of relating with Him resulting in greater interior freedom.


Spirituality and Reality

July 31, Sunday

This workshop asks the participants to bring their current experiences on which they can practice their capacity to discern. They are accompanied to examine the teachings they received from their faith traditions and their influences on how they view and experience their reality. The participants are empowered to identify their tendency to dichotomize and are reminded that God is present in our ordinary, everyday realities.


Transformation and Conversion

August 28, Sunday

The participants examine how they experience God in a unique way and as a result they are empowered and transformed by it. They are accompanied to explore the two paths of transformation: Great Love and Great Suffering. This module re-examines the participants’ spiritual growth as they experience
conversion. First, by following Jesus’ footsteps [First Conversion] and eventually, stepping into their calling [Second Conversion].


3-Day Ignatian Silent Retreat

September, Saturday-Monday

Silent Retreat [Let Your Life Speak] “With wisdom, compassion, and gentle humor, Parker J. Palmer invites us to listen to the inner teacher and follow its leadings toward a sense of meaning and purpose. Telling stories from his own life and the lives of others who have made a difference, he shares insights gained from darkness and depression as well as fulfillment and joy, illuminating a pathway toward vocation for all who seek the true calling of their lives.” — Parker J. Palmer, Let Your Life Speak.

Through at least 3 days of silence and solitude, this book serves as a tool to assist the participants who have come to seek their true calling.

Wild Awakening Testimonials

My Spiritual Formation Year at a Glance

The question that had the most impact for me was, “Do you feel the encouragement to let go of some preconceived ideas in order to embrace a new truth?”
To let go of the belief I had for 30 years—that LOVE is not freely given so I need to pursue it.

This probably has been the greatest surprise I’ve received from Spiritual Formation and I consider it as a gift. The blind spots have now become a vision of a whole. For all my life, there have been circumstances that I simply know about but I wasn’t aware that these have been affecting my choices, both the wise and the I-shouldn’t-have-done-that decisions.

My Grand Examen

I am grateful for how God has led me into SF Discover. I see how precious this journey is for me. It has not been easy amid this pandemic with all the demands at work and other responsibilities. I am grateful for the abounding graces of God that have been helping me to push through and grow in this journey.

One of my significant God experiences was during one of my reflection times in the Discovering Inner Child retreat. As I imagined myself in a peaceful place, praying and contemplating in silence, I felt the love of Jesus. His mere presence gave me such joy, comfort, and safety. God met me where I was and knew my desires too well…

My God Experiences

I felt so alone at the start of my journey with OTTD. Choosing not to let my siblings know about my darkest secret made me feel isolated. I did not want to burden them with my problems.

The Discovering the Inner Child retreat made me miss my dearest parents so much. If they were alive, would I not tell them too? Oh, how the question left me feeling like an orphan! I started to cry and sob like an abandoned child. I was seated at the edge of my bed that time. I could not see anything. Tears were blinding my eyes. All of a sudden, I felt someone in front of me. Through my tears, I saw a mini version of myself standing. Behind her stood my daddy and mama…

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