Firesoul Rising

FIRESOUL RISING is intended for those who are ready to go deeper in their spiritual walk. The program aims to help each participant explore various spiritualities thereby challenging and strengthening one’s beliefs. Moreover, each participant is able to have a deeper appreciation of the history of the church and is guided in the process of discernment and non-dualistic thinking.

Firesoul Rising 2021 Schedule

Review and Disposition Setting

February 6, Saturday


Firesoul Rising

February 14, Sunday

The spiritual journey is an ongoing journey towards freedom. This module explores the two-fold reality with regards to freedom from attachment and freedom for love. Our aim is to launch the participants into the journey of freely responding to their calling.


Fire in the Belly: Understanding Chastity

March 14, Sunday

Chastity is a key aspect of one’s journey towards integration. It is about saying ‘yes’ to God’s plan for our relationships, our bodies, and our identity. Chastity is about “setting love in order”. (Cf. St. Ignatius).


Presencing: A Deep Listening

April 11, Sunday

Participants are accompanied as they develop a discerning heart so they may become more sensitive to the movements within and discover God’s intimate involvement in their lives. This is also an opportunity for them to know their unhealthy attachments so they may partner with grace and be formed towards integration and freedom.



May 9, Sunday

In the spiritual Journey, we discover the spaciousness of God and discover that everything belongs. In this module, participants are invited to examine their biases and prejudices, theological and/or personal, that prevents them from embracing the greater unity in diversity that God offers.


Rock of Ages: The Church Unfolding

June 13, Sunday

Participants are invited to rediscover the richness of our Christian heritage. Christianity is not just a practice or inward experience, but a way of life that responds to the signs of the times and the changing seasons without losing its essence.


Celtic Spirituality

July 11, Sunday

Celtic Christians have a unique contribution to Christian Spirituality. This session will enable participants to understand the origin of Celtic spirituality and how this ancient form of spirituality resonates with each one’s journey. They are invited to enter through the whole of creation and created realities.


Pananahan: Cradled by the Creator: An 8-Day Silent Retreat

Aug 7-8 (Sat-Sun) – Onsite at CERC
Aug 9-13 (Mon-Fri) – Online
Aug 14-15 (Sat-Sun) – Onsite at CERC

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