Discover 2020

DISCOVER is designed to make each participant aware of his or her giftedness, areas for improvement, tendencies, and potentials through retracing genealogies, understanding one’s personality, knowing one’s true self and false self, and healing childhood wounds that affect one’s quality of life. Further, the program explores and challenges one’s worldview and image of God as he or she faces the realities of life towards genuine spiritual transformation.

Discover Module

Prayer Workshop: The Art of Being

January 25, Saturday


Awareness, Spiritual Formation, and Spiritual Direction

March 01, 2019

We look into the meaning of formation and its origins and at the benefits of spiritual direction on someone who is serious in his/her journey with God. We teach people to become open to see, hear, feel, and know how God is moving in their lives by becoming more aware of their surroundings, feeling their feelings, appreciating nature, and generally slowing down to be able to see God in all things.


Genealogy: Who am I?

March 29, Sunday

Knowing one’s genealogy is the basis of knowing and understanding oneself. Participants are made more aware of their familial history and genetics to discover some patterns and tendencies. Specifically, they do some research within their own families to see various vocations or careers, talents, and abilities, as well as dysfunctions, unhealthy attachments, and the like. The participants take all these as they begin the journey of knowing themselves better so they may be able to respond to God’s calling.


True Self and False Self

May 10, Sunday

God calls every person to become his/her true self, that which He says a person should be. However, the interplay of both nature and nurture results in a false self that is not consistent with what God has intended. This module explores how every participant can receive God’s grace to become his/her true self.


Discovering The Inner Child Retreat (2-Day Retreat)

May 30-31, Saturday-Sunday

“Each of us carries our inner child of the past into the daily activities of adulthood. The effects and events of our early years often influence how we live our lives, relationships, and adulthood responsibilities. Through prayer, active imagination, experience, teachings and small group discussions, this workshop will offer ways to begin to change attitudes and dispositions that have been shaped by childhood experiences. Opportunities will be given to discover one’s inner child of the past, learn how this child influences adult life and at times take over.” – Fr. William Jarema, Healing the Childhood Wounds


Images of God

June 28, Sunday

The objective of the teaching is to see how our circumstances have influenced our perspective of God. Through the teaching, we would become aware of how we relate with Him. We will accompany the participants to learn and unlearn how we look at God and have a healthier way of relating with Him.


Spirituality vs Reality

August 2, Sunday

Many of us get caught up in spiritual jargons, spiritualizing everything and hiding behind our churches in order to avoid reality. Truth be told, God is in our reality. He is in our pain and in our struggles. He is everywhere. We help the participants find out what their reality is because that is where their true spirituality will be exercised.


Transformation and Conversion

September 6, Sunday

We examine how we all uniquely experience God and how we become transformed by our experiences of Him. Transformation is not about managing our tempers, angers, or fears. It is about receiving the grace that transforms us. Transformations are the stepping stones to conversion which leads from transformation to conversion.


The Ignatian Silent Retreat

October 10-12, Saturday-Monday

This 3-day Ignatian Silent Retreat is an introduction to the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola. This is an invitation to reflect on the ways in which God is moving at the center and horizon of one’s life and to discern the ongoing unfolding of one’s calling. 

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