Firesoul Rising

FIRESOUL RISING is intended for those who are ready to go deeper in their spiritual walk. The program aims to help each participant explore various spiritualities thereby  hallenging and strengthening one’s beliefs. Moreover, each participant is able to have a deeper appreciation of the history of the church and is guided in the process of discernment and non-dualistic thinking.

Firesoul Rising 2023 Schedule


Rock of Ages: The Church Unfolding

April 18-22, Tuesday to Saturday

Day 1: Participants are invited to rediscover the richness of our Christian heritage. Jesus came to establish the church. We examine how He did that through His life.

Day 2: Jesus ascended and left us with the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Christian communities, inspired by the teachings of Jesus, started to unfold and find their unique paths.

Day 3: Differences within the Church resulted in a major split between the Roman Catholic and the Eastern Orthodox Churches. We will examine the events in detail.

Day 4: Widespread scandals and corruption in the 1400s sparked movements to reform the Church. Some groups dissatisfied with the Church broke away, while some fought to redeem it.

Day 5: The course is concluded with an overview of the Church in the present day. Participants will share their reflections and insights in small groups.



July 22-23, Saturday to Sunday

Christianity spread all over the world and branched into several streams. Some embraced life in the deserts of West Asia and Northern Africa. Others landed on the shores of Western Europe and lived a monastic and contemplative way of life.

Ecumenism: What is Celtic Spirituality?

July 22, Saturday
The Celtic Christians inhabited the shorelines of Western Europe in the 5th century developed a unique tradition we now call Celtic Spirituality. This spirituality involves the time-honored practices of preserving the dignity of nature and community and the use of creativity in worshiping God. This session will enable participants to understand the origin of Celtic spirituality and how this ancient form of spirituality resonates with each one’s journey. They are invited to enter through the whole of creation.

Ecumenism: Oneing

July 23, Sunday
In the spiritual journey, we discover the spaciousness of God and discover that everything has value. In this module, participants are invited to examine their biases and prejudices, theological and/or personal, and tap into their unique experiences of God’s inclusiveness. This enables them to embrace the greater unity in diversity that God designed.

Presencing: A Deep Listening [Discernment]

Aug 19-20, Saturday & Sunday

Participants are accompanied as they develop a discerning heart so they may become more sensitive to the movements within and discover God’s intimate involvement in their lives. Through the Ignatian practices of discernment and making Christ-centered choices, they are given an opportunity to recognize their unhealthy attachments so that they may partner with grace and be formed towards integration and freedom.

SR: Creation Spirituality

Sept 20-24 (Wednesday – Sunday)

This 5-day retreat is designed to help people meet God through and in creation, thus understanding their responsibility towards the earth. It aims to ignite and discover their unique creative potential, and to practice expressions of creativity.

Setting Love in Order: Understanding Chastity

Oct 28, 2022 Saturday

Chastity is a key aspect of one’s journey towards integration. It is about saying ‘yes’ to God’s plan for our relationships, our bodies, and our identity. Chastity is about “setting love in order”. (Cf. St. Ignatius).

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