Self-paced Retreats

walking the enneagram july 2021

Becoming Fully Alive: Watchfulness, Mindfulness, and Wholeness

The road to wholeness or integration involves a simultaneous and continuous journey inward and outward. The outward journey entails watchfulness of one’s surroundings, being sensitive to external movements that impact one’s personhood. The inward journey requires mindfulness of how one processes emotions and information. Benign watchful and mindful allows a person to live a balanced and integrated life.

walking the enneagram july 2021

Beyond Erik Erikson: Healing the Eight Stages of Life

Also known as Braving the Transitions in Life, this retreat is for those who desire to know and understand a person’s development from infancy to old age through a psychospiritual perspective. This is especially useful for parents, those who work with and for children and the youth such as counselors, teachers, and those who accompany young adults and older generations such as life coaches, spiritual directors, and caregivers.

This retreat examines the theory of psychosocial development proposed by psychologist Erik Erikson and how it can be used in our spiritual growth. It tries to see how grace can be observed at work throughout the eight developmental stages, each involving tasks and crises. Further, it explores the cycle of renewal each person goes through leading to transformative change.

    walking the enneagram july 2021

    Rediscovering Mary Magdalene

    This retreat explores in greater depth the person of Mary Magdalene and the radical way Jesus related with her and the women in the society. Rediscover the extraordinary role of Mary Magdalene and the feminine spirit in Jesus’ ministry.

    walking the enneagram july 2021

    The Enneagram: Journeying to My True Self

    The Enneagram is a 4,000-year old system that can be traced back to the early Greeks. It offers a deeper understanding of ourselves so we can recognize our False Self and encounter our True Self in God. The Enneagram describes nine distinct personality types—patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting—by which people see life. Our basic type reveals the psychological mechanism we unknowingly use to forget our true nature—our Divine Essence.

    The Enneagram works by insight. Once we see our False Self for what it is, we are no longer attached to it and it no longer blocks us from realizing our inherent union with God. We eventually realize our gift and integrate our sin, shadow, and all that we reject about ourselves.

    The Enneagram is not about self-improvement. Rather, it is about the transformation of our awareness so that we realize that essence is our True Self.