RSVP is On the Third Day (OTTD) Renewal and Formation Center’s podcast that explores relevant and practical topics on psychospirituality. Each episode brings both the speaker and the listener to a space where they can respond to the divine invitation through contemplation and action.




June 25, 2020 / Thursday

Healthy personal boundaries protect our soul. They are like fences around a house, protecting what’s inside against intruders and bad elements. Boundaries are also like doors and gates. You open and close them as you wish, welcoming family and friends while keeping strangers or unwanted guests away. But the soul is much more difficult to protect than properties. It takes a lot of prayer, awareness, and discipline to establish healthy personal boundaries.

This episode explores the importance of establishing healthy personal boundaries in our lives such as time boundaries and boundaries in relationships. It also touches on choosing where to spend our energy as a way of taking care of our souls. Boundaries is given the attention it deserves in a world where it is so easy to encroach on one’s space and where the lines protecting our souls seem blurry.

When is it time to say ‘no’ to those who abuse us? Where do I draw the line in my relationships? Where does my space ends and where does another person’s space begin? How do I take care of my soul as I take care of others? How do I imagine God’s heart as I try to establish healthy boundaries?

This episode paves the way for more specific topics on boundaries such as boundaries in parenting, in personal finance, at work, and so much more. Watch out for more exciting and relevant topics in the coming episodes.

We are your companions in this spiritual journey. Explore and reflect with us as we listen and respond to God’s divine invitation.


In God’s Waiting Room

August 11, 2020 / Tuesday

Transitions happen in our lives all the time. Moving from one life stage to another, changing jobs, losing some of our loved ones, and being caught up in life-altering situations like the pandemic are some examples of situations that can throw us off course. Many find themselves in deep sadness, confusion, or a general sense of being lost.

This episode dives into the experience of being in a liminal space, that unique place where old rules no longer apply and there are no new handles yet. It may feel like falling, floating, or flying. This is God’s waiting room where we are held temporarily in preparation for genuine transformation.

What happens when one is in transition? What emotions are stirred in a person in this space? How does one navigate this unfamiliar place? How does God accompany us throughout the transition?

We are your companions in this spiritual journey. Explore and reflect with us as we listen and respond to God’s divine invitation.


In, Out, and Around

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