Discover God in the Desert: A Pilgrimage to the Sacred Sites of Ancient Egypt and Jordan 2023


“I will allure her, lead her to the desert, and speak tenderly to her heart.” Hosea 2:14

Journey through the wilderness where the early Christian monks — the desert fathers and mothers — sought to find a genuine and personal encounter with God.

Join On The Third Day Renewal and Formation Center on January 27 to February 10, 2023 on a pilgrimage to Egypt and Jordan, important places where the first Christian communities gathered and founded the beginnings of our faith. This pilgrimage is recommended for those who wish to pray in the holy sites mentioned in Scripture.

Highlights include the land of Goshen, the place set apart for the Israelites in Egypt; the monastery of St. Catherine at the foot of Sinai, where Moses encountered the Burning Bush; and the Monastery of St. Anthony, the first Christian monk. We will also visit Bethany Beyond the Jordan, the site of Jesus’ baptism; and an area by the Jabbok River where Jacob wrestled with God.

For inquiries and registration please contact Osep Reyes at events@spiritualformation.center.

Discover Ancient Jordan Tour Schedule

DAY 1:

Pre–Tour : Evening Check in for Flight from Manila to Cairo via Doha on Qatar Airways.

QR929 MNL-DOH 0015-0500 January 28 Departure

DAY 2:

Arrival in Cairo at at 10:40am. We meet with our guide and proceed to Old Cairo and visit the Hanging

The Church was built atop the walls of the 4th Century BC Roman Fortress of Babylon, there are other churches here that date back to early Christian Era. We then Check in to our hotel in Cairo for Dinner and Overnight. (Marriott Mena House, Cairo).
QR1303 DOH-CAI 0755-1040

DAY 3:

After breakfast We proceed to Goshen- the land that Pharaoh gave to Joseph and Jacob. It is also the place where Moses was born and the Israelites lived for 430 years.

We will view the ruins of temple, city walls and tomb in places of Rameses and Pithom. Continuing on we drive to dried-out Pelusiac branch of the Nile where baby Moses was found. Then, we pass by the bitter waters, which is connected to the Red Sea. Finally, we will stop at a Papyrus factory to see how the paper is made from 2000 years ago when papyrus was the most popular writing material in the world. We return to our hotel in Cairo for Dinner and overnight. (Marriott Mena House, Cairo).

DAY 4:

Today we will drive to the northern part of Egypt, Wadi El Natroun, where we see some beautiful monasteries, the Bishoi Monastery, named after a Coptic Monk- Saint Bishoy, which means “The Beloved of Christ”, and the Syrian Monastery, a Coptic Orthodox Monastery dedicated to Virgin Mary, it is commonly called the Convent of Saint Mary Deipara.

We will also see some items and icons from the very early period of Christianity in Egypt. We drive back Giza to the Great Pyramids of Giza
where the Sphinx and the Valley Temple can be seen. We Drive back to Cairo for Dinner and overnight. (Marriott Mena House, Cairo)

DAY 5:

We check out of our hotel in Cairo and Drive through the way to Suez and Ain El Soukhna where we visit the two very famous monasteries– The Monastery of St. Paul is one of the oldest and famous in Egypt.

It was said that when Saint Paul died, two lions were seen standing by the door of the cave in which Saint Paul lived there and that’s why when you visit any Coptic museum in Egypt you will see him flanked by two lions with a crown above his head. It was the very first monastery in the history of religion, and the Monastery of St. Anthony, one of the ancient monasteries in the world. Built in memory of the saint after his death because he was the first to establish the idea of Christian monasticism in the desert of Egypt. Continue on our long Journey to St. Catherine, located at the foot of Mount Sinai. Dinner and Overnight. (Morgenland, St. Catherine)

DAY 6:

Our day starts with a midnight drive at the foot of Mt. Sinai to make the ascent on camels or on foot to see the breathtaking view of the desert at sunrise.

After Breakfast we travel to Cairo, stopping at the St. Catherine Monastery, the oldest consistently-inhabited Christian monastery in the world, dating back 17th century. The Monastery is believed to be where God appeared to Moses in the burning bush. Then we pass by the site of the Battle of Rephidim. Within a few hours a quick stop at the Springs of Elim remembers the place where the Israelites camped out during their Exodus. We then cross the Suez Canal and arrive Cairo in the evening before dinner and Overnight. (Sofitel, Nile)

DAY 7:

After Breakfast we check out of our hotel and drive to Cairo International Airport for flight to Amman, Jordan.

RJ 504 CAI-AMM 1315-1435
Arrival in Amman. After Immigration and custom formalities, we meet with our guide and transfer to our Hotel for Check in and Dinner. (Intercontinental, Amman)

DAY 8:

After breakfast, we will visit Bethany Beyond the Jordan, designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site
in 2015. Believed to be the area where John was living when he baptized Jesus.

We will also explore an archaeological site of a Byzantine Monastery where faithful Christians have worshiped here and conducted baptism on their own. We then proceed to Jerash, one of the Decapolis Roman Cities and see the ruins of the Theater. Then we proceed to Jabbok River, the place where Jacob wrestled with God, and God blessed Jacob there and he was renamed Israel. Then Jacob called the Place “Peniel” because there he saw God “face to face”. We return to our hotel in Amman for Dinner and Overnight. (Intercontinental, Amman)

DAY 9:

We check out of our hotel after breakfast, then drive up to Mt.Nebo where Moses saw the Promised Land but was not allowed to enter it.

Proceed to Madaba and visit the 19th century Greek Orthodox Church where the oldest holyland map is located. After Lunch, pass by the Mujib/Arnon River then travel to Petra and check in to our hotel there. Dinner and Overnight in Petra. (Movenpick, Petra)

DAY 10:

We make an Early start in Petra. Either walk or ride a carriage to the siq where we get off on a leisurely walk to see the breathtaking sight of the Al Khazna Treasury, a 2000 year-old monument carved our of solid rock.

We will enjoy exploring some of the palaces, tombs, and storerooms carved out of cliffs. Return to our hotel for Dinner and Overnight. (Movenpick, Petra)

DAY 11:

We Check out of our hotel in Petra, and pass by Moses’ Spring (in Arabic: Ayn Musa) is a natural perennial spring located at the main junction into Wadi Musa from the north, about 3 miles east of Petra.

By local Bedouin tradition, the spring was formed by Moses striking a rock with his staff (Number 20:2-13). visit Shobak Castle, built by the Crusader in second century AD. Then we proceed to Wadi Rum, known as the “the Valley of the Moon” for an amazing experience of Bedoiun life in the desert. Check in to a freedomes tent with a panoramic window for a sweeping view of Wadi Rum Desert and enjoy stargazing right at your own bedroom. (Sun City, Wadi Rum).

DAY 12:

After Breakfast, enjoy the Sun City Camp’s offered activities.

Check out and proceed to a 2 hours jeep safari adventure. Then travel the coast of Aqaba and check in to a luxurious beach Resort along the Red Sea. (Movenpick, Tala Bay).

DAY 13:

Check out Tala Bay and Travel to Amman. Stop at Lot’s Cave.

Lot, fled with his wife and his daughters from the sinfulness of Sodom. In spite of a warning his wife looked back upon the city and turned into a pillar of salt (Genesis 19:1-26). Today the strangely shaped rock on a slope above the Dead Sea bears the name “Lot’s Wife”. In ancient times the site near Safi was identified with the place were Lot is said to have lived in a cave with his two daughters. Continue on to Amman and check in to our hotel there. Then we will have special Farewell Dinner Outside hotel. (Intercontinental, Amman).

DAY 14:

After Breakfast, check out of our hotel. Visit the Citadel in Amman, where Uriah the Hitite was killed.

Explore the museum and learn about the Ammonite city of antiquity. Continue on to a panoramic view of the old and new city of Amman. Enjoy a BBQ farewell lunch at Arabic Restaurant before transfers to Airport for our flight check in back home.
QR 401 AMM-DOH 2000-2340

DAY 15:

Transit in DOHA for flight back to Manila.

Arrival in Manila.
QR 932 DOH-MNL 0240-1610
Our Journey to the Ancient Holyland will surely be memorable!

Terms and Conditions


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$1,000 – August 15 (first payment and reservation)
$2,000 – September 15
$1,000 – October 15
$1,075 – November 30


January 27, Friday, Departure to Cairo, Egypt from Manila, Philippines
January 28, Saturday, Arrival at Cairo
February 02, Thursday, Departure from Cairo and arrival at Amman, Jordan
February 09, Thursday, Departure from Amman
February 10, Friday, Arrival in Manila


For any inquiries, please contact events@spiritualformatiom.center or
0917 714 6737.