Patched Up

People around me

Are whispering excitedly

You are a Great Healer

Like the real deal, they say

Approach, pray, believe

And you will be good as new

I might as well try

Have nothing to lose

One deep breath and I tiptoe

To your direction

I was still nowhere

Within earshot

When you turned slowly

Smiled softly at me

And asked

What are you looking for?”

I said

“I was hoping

You could tell me, Lord.

You see,

I loved someone

Some eclipses ago

I was optimistically


Evidently convinced

I could see it

Through the end

Against all odds.

Do you enjoy baseball, Lord?

Fascinating game

Pitcher throws the ball

Batter hits it

Or not

Depending on the pitcher’s secret:

The curve ball

Which masquerades

As an ordinary pitch

But the ball goes haywire

At the last second

After deciding to stay

With that person

He suddenly


And unbelievably

Turned his back on me

And cut me off brazenly

From his life

I would say

That’s a Curve Ball

In capital letters

Don’t you think so, Lord?

Love is a scary gamble

If you win, you win big

If you lose

Well, the odds were inexplicably

Stacked up against me

Oh! You should have heard me

Sob like it’s the end of the world

You should have seen me

Fall to the floor

Like a wounded target

You should have felt

How my heart shattered

Into a million little pieces

Scattered mercilessly on the floor

Where I fell down

Crying endlessly

Even in my misery

I knew  I had to

Re-assemble somehow

The sad pieces of my heart

I gathered the tiny pieces

Right next to me

As gently as I could

Lest they bleed some more

But I couldn’t see

Where the other

Vital pieces fell

Because of my tears

Which kept falling, falling, falling

I’m so sorry

To take up so much

Of your time, Lord


There are other people

In sadder predicaments

Than mine

Who need your attention

Waiting patiently in line

I’m glad to tell you, Lord

That I turned out ok


The tiny remnants of my heart

Held in my hand

Would light up

One by one

With every

Kind Word

Thoughtful Gesture

Encouraging Smile

That came my way

Soon enough

The re-assembled pieces

Started resembling

Like my old heart

Not exactly a twin

More like

A good enough replica

Good enough to feel with

Light enough to laugh with

Strong enough to jump with

Why, even brave enough

To ride the highest zipline with

I can settle for good enough

I can live with this heart

I’m proud of my patched-up heart.

Well- meaning friends would say

Go out there

Give love another swing

I would wisely say

I have a patched-up heart

Not a brand new one

I bought from a store

The sad truth is, Lord

I never really recovered

All of my heart’s scattered pieces

Perhaps they fell

In so many places

I could not remember

Or perhaps

I had to jumpstart my life


One goal after another

One project led to another

There was simply

No time

To retrace my path


Yes, that’s the word, Lord

I learned to compensate

When a person

Loses sight

The remaining senses


For the lost vision

Visually challenged

Differently abled

I have all my senses

Still working

And that’s what matters

Most of the time anyway

For the everyday grind

For moving about

For planning ahead

For enjoying life

So really



My heart is fine

It just walks

With the slightest limp

From an old injury

       So back to your question, Lord

            What am I looking for?

            My patched-up heart

            Is missing a few pieces

            Perhaps you can help me

            Find them?

            That might take forever

            I know

            Or maybe you can

            In the goodness of your heart

            Glance at my heart

            And say it’s healed?

            Remove the slight limp

            Fill in the tender parts

            Smooth over the rough patches

            I guess

            That’s all I’m asking, Lord.

            That’s all I’m looking for.”

            mina 2/15/21

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