And So We Begin Again

Today as I was standing by the bus stop waiting for my ride, I realized that I was in a transition again. I have learned to be mindful of what happens to me during transitions. I told my spiritual director that as I got older I preferred to avoid transitions or changes but I could not really avoid them because they kept me on my toes, keeping me young, alert and formable. 

I realized that going into a new situation meant getting out of your comfort zone. You need to ask questions and be teachable and you realize you are dependent on others to show you the way. When you cannot depend on your own strength you are at the mercy of the teacher. At this stage we are called to receive. 

Like a child, when we are in transition, the sense is like we are beginners again. Often we are told as long as you speak the language, you can ask. Unfortunately, not everyone is so patient to teach us and some will even come across as irritated because they are too busy and/or they feel you should use the technology available to find your way.  

Often they do not realize that not everyone is adept at using the modern-day technology available and still appreciate human interaction. The question is, the way technology is now, does it leave us with the expectations that no one is entitled to ask questions anymore because all the answers are found on Google and we should know how to access it? Perhaps technology is slowly killing interaction.

In some ways I understand that change and following God always gets us out of our comfort zones. It strips us of our strengths and brings us to the starting line. “And so we begin again.”. 

I cannot help but wonder, was that what Jesus meant when He said that we are to be like children? Example:

“I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because You have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children. Yes, Father, for this was Your good pleasure” (Matthew 11:25–26). Children Who are inquisitive sponges,  pure and untainted by the world. They just take things in. 

When we are in transition, should we be like a sponge and use this as an opportunity to take all things in? To start afresh and have a heart of I know nothing. Perhaps a fresh reminder at different stages and transitions in our of lives. 

Christian spirituality, has consistently held pride as the greatest spiritual failing known to humankind. The message of the gospel scandalizes the proud: it insists that we admit we are fallen, helpless, and in need of someone – broken and contrite, like a child  or a beginner who is aware of their dependence on help rather than self, they make no qualms about their receiving nature. As the author Gary Thomas of Sacred Parenting  says the child incarnates this truth perfectly. 

About The Author

Fully alive and wild at heart, Lita has been designing programs for retreats and courses since the ministry started eight years ago. She prepares sacred landscapes and is a believer and encourager of connecting with God through the surroundings. Lita also uses expressive arts in various forms to encourage her retreatants to know God and themselves more deeply. Lita is an experienced spiritual director trained in various local and international institutions. She holds a master’s degree in ministry major in spiritual formation and certificates in spiritual direction and formation.

Lita is the Founder and Executive Director of the ecumenical ministry for spiritual formation, On the Third Day Renewal and Formation Center, and a farm for silence and solitude, Cherimoya Eco-Spirituality and Retreat Center, both in Calamba, Laguna.

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